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Is there any configuration to enable VOIP on device? Or these methods really show that my device does not support VOIP?

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I think this is a little late to answer, but after a lot of searching, I reached the fact that you are supposed to use any SipStack, because as explained here:

Fusion SIP source code is specifically designed for use in embedded devices, has a small footprint and is completely ROMable and re-entrant. The Fusion SIP stack provides a simplified API for easy integration with the application and transport stack (TCP/IP/UDP).

and when talking about android specifically, as explained in the answer of this question:

All Android devices, which can connect to the Internet, support SIP.

After all SIP is just a protocol which requires connection to the Internet, and it's very similar to HTTP.

In order to work with SIP, you need SIPStack implementation - doesn't matter if it's 3rd party or it comes from Android API.

and about examples of SipStacks that can be used, you will find a punch of them like PJSIP and Doubango, and all exists in this question.

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Vaow, an answer after 4 years :) I will mark your answer and hope it helps someone else. Thank you. – Onuray Sahin May 19 '15 at 10:43
@OnuraySahin thanks :) , I came across your question while searching for an answer to that issue, and when finding it, I came to it back in order to illustrating what I got from my searching :) – Muhammed Refaat May 19 '15 at 10:51

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