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I have a test case that provides arguments and executes the main method of a class. What would be the best approach using Junit to have multiple threads concurrenlty execute the main method of class.

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Not sure if TestNG is an option for you, but it's pretty straightforward with it:

@Test(invocationCount = 100, threadPoolSize = 10)
public void myTest() { ... }

This will cause the test method to be invoked 100 times from 10 different threads. If this test passes and you run it a lot, you can be fairly confident that the code under test is multithread safe.

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U solved my problem , Thanks.. – Monis Majeed Nov 19 '15 at 16:03

Why would you do that? Is your public static void main(String []) really run by multiple threads? Seems a strange design, that's why I'm making sure.

If, on the other hand, you want to test parallel executions of your program (so each in a separate JVM), it's not the same as multithreaded, and JUnit won't do that, as it executes within the same JVM. You still can do that, no problem, but make sure you know the difference.

Some examples on SO:

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