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def show
    #find parent call_flow
    @call_flow = CallFlow.where('dnis' => params[:dnis]).first

    if @call_flow.nil?
        @response = ["no result"]
        #find first routable options (should be a message)
        @call_flow_options = @call_flow.routable_type.constantize.find(@call_flow.routable_id).options

        #if there is a route after the first route, find it
        unless @call_flow_options.first.target_routable_type.nil?
            @target_routable = @call_flow_options.first.target_routable_type.constantize.find(@call_flow_options.first.target_routable_id).options
        @response = @call_flow.to_a.push(@call_flow_options)
    respond_with @response 


I get the data back but the browser doesn't recognize it as JSON because all the " double quotes are replaced with ".

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What does the problematic part of response look like? –  tadman Oct 18 '11 at 15:53

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If you're looking to have the entire response be JSON (rather than HTML/JavaScript that uses JSON) you can do:

render :json => @response
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Thanks! I don't this is the real answer to the underlying problem, but it certainly works. –  David Ryder Oct 19 '11 at 19:49

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