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i going to create some validation for custom object in my app. But i have some trouble when try to create CustomValidation rule. My object has field - BirthDay - which not required but if user enter it i need to validate it on simple validation, for example user DataType validation - DataType.DateTime. When i am try to do it i have validation error - BirthDay is required. When i create custom validation and always return true i have same error. Below some lines of code:

public class User
	#region Metadata		
	private class Metadata
		[Required(ErrorMessage="Name is required")]
		[StringLength(5, ErrorMessage="Max Length is 5")]
		public string Name { get; set; }
		[CustomValidation(typeof(User), "ValidateBirthDay", ErrorMessage="We have trouble.")]
		public DateTime BirthDay { get; set; }


	public static bool ValidateBirthDay(object value)
		return true;

	public int? ID { get; set; }
	public string Name { get; set; }		
	public DateTime BirthDay { get; set; }

p.s. sorry for my English =)

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You need to make your propery nullable, ie

public DateTime? BirthDay { get; set; }

so it can have a null value and not required to be set.

Also the way you use the CustomValidation attribute doesn't seem right. I believe you need to create a class that derives from ValidationAttribute base class and pass its type in CustomValidation attribute's first param.

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