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I have this problem (I think it's quite simple, however, I cannot solve it):

I normally never work with tables (except this one time). I usually code with divs, but I have to use tables this time for an email design ( O normally also don't use the <font> tags etc :P)

Please take a look at the two links below:

http://bit.ly/mVApQI page 1 http://bit.ly/quE7Ij page 2

The difference between the two pages is, that when you add text to the upper row, the bottom left resizes with the text. But I don't want that! That should stay put at 20px like page 2.

Can anyone help me? Sorry if I did not explain it too well.

I'm dutch (yea, standard excuse :P) and haven't had that many English classes so far

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If the top row is all one piece of the design, set <td colspan="4">, assuming you have 4 columns.

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Jup, thats it. Thank you! I was adding colspan to the <table> tag (dumb me) –  Frank Oct 18 '11 at 16:47

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