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Consider the following test view using Seam's Excel library:

<e:workbook type="csv">
    <e:worksheet name="Export" >
        <e:cell value="1" row="0" column="0"/>
        <e:cell value="2" row="1" column="1"/>

I'd like to secure parameters to a more complicated version via HTTPS. The unsecure view generates the file fine. When I change the scheme to "https" in view.page.xml, instead of my csv file, the browser is redirected to http://localhost/seam/docstore/document.seam with the conversation id in the query string. Other pages secured using https (e.g. login) are working fine.

Any suggestions on resolving or better diagnosing the problem?

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It could be related to your security constraints settings in web.xml. Take a look here. If excel is trying to access resources outside of the restricted area you won't be able to generate the file.

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