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PyDev's "Organize Import" will wrap the line at 80 char width like below: from xyz import A, B, C, \ D, E, F

Is there a way to disable that wrap? or to extend the width? I tried increasing the line width in eclipse settings, but it didn't seem to work. I think that's only specific in Java editors and not PyDev.

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Yes, it's possible... the margin may be raised in window > preferences > general > editors > text editors > print margin column.

And the option to break in multilines or not may be changed in window > preferences > pydev > editor > code style > imports > 'allow multiline imports...'

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thanks, exactly what i've been looking for. – Xerion Oct 21 '11 at 14:21
from xyz import (A, B, C,
                 D, E, F)


from xyz import A, B, C
from xyz import D, E, F

If the line is to wide to be shown it is too wide to be read easily. See Why should Python PEP-8 specify a maximum line length of 79 characters?

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