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I need to generate BARCODEs (also show numbers below the BARCODE) in a WEB Application .

The requirement is such that the Client Machine should be able to print the barcodes in a LABEL PRINTER when the user inputs the number of barcodes required for a stock in my application. The BARCODES should not be very long(meaning they should be compact).

I googled and found some 3rd party libraries (GenCode128 ) which give me a SCANABLE barcode images in HTML format but it does not give numeric value below it .It is far too lengthy. Also does not help me in printing the BARCODES in a label printer.So i can't proceed with this.

I tried using a BARCODE Font IdAutomation CODE 39(with the asterisks) in crystal report. I COULD NOT SCAN the BARCODES generated with that.

Nbarcodes is another library I tried but could not understand the usage of it.

So as you can see, I need an expert advice on this . I am looking for a non commercial third Party Library .

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I would suggest taking a look at a component like the .NET Barcode Generator Suite.

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I'm looking for a free Library that I can use .Thanks . –  ankur Oct 19 '11 at 6:08

Using barcode fonts and such can work in some limited situations but have lots of idiosyncrasies and may not be reliable with a variety of barcode scanners. The only method I've gotten extremely reliable results from when trying to do something through a browser without having a known type of client, would be to generate your barcode using a good barcode generation library (there are several out there, use your preference), and render it to a PDF document which you can then stream to the client/browser. This will result in reliable barcodes as the PDF format will keep the sizing, aspect ratio of the rendered barcodes correct for you, whereas a browser rendering JPG or PNG image renditions or other such combinations are not very reliable.

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Thank you very much for your answer. Can you name a library (Free) that I can use which shows numeric values below the Barcodes. It would be great if you send me a sample barcode application code(may be you code upload it in mediafire) , if you dont mind . –  ankur Oct 19 '11 at 5:09
Yes, that would be great if someone else could do your work for you. –  Chris Shouts Oct 19 '11 at 15:53

Inlite Research has a Barcodes Generation SDK that allows you to generate a barcode and output it as a bitmap. The engine generates Code39 and Code128 barcodes (among others) where you can place text below or 2D barcodes (such as DataMatrix) if you want to encode more data. The SDK comes with ASP.Net sample code to help you get started. Based on your requirements, it sounds like you can use the engine to generate whatever barcodes you need and output the bitmaps such that they will print appropriately on a label sheet.

You might want to try out the Visual Barcode Designer tool which gives a nice GUI to generate and position your barcodes on a document. This is especially useful if the labels will be on documents that will ultimately be scanned and need to be recognized by a barcode recognition engine. This tool is intended to make sure the barcodes can be easily decoded down the line.

The SDK is free for dev use, but you will need a license for commercial use.

Disclaimer: I've done some work for Inlite Research

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You can have a look at http://www.barcodeasp.com You have to know some basics of programming to use it, but it's extensible. There is a way to generate it by code or by using webcontrols.

It is free for non commercial usage.

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I have managed to generate barcode using Crystal Reports And IdAutomation font for code39 (I'll make a video of it and Post it here). However I am stuck in printing the resultant Report in the Client Side.I don't want to save it as a PDF first(which is the default option there). Is there a way to print Crystal reports directly in the Client

Here's my question regarding that

How to print crystal report directly to a client machine using C# Asp.net

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Ankur :

see this link. Same question I had and just solved the issue.

Barcode generation using asp.net C#

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