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I was asked this question by my senior engineer. He asked me two questions actually. First in general he asked me "For Generating any software in particular, which one would you choose:- A Web Application, which you would upload over a web server and have a domain name (eg. search engine) OR a stand alone application in a downloadable form which the user keeps a copy of in his hardspace (eg. copernicus search agent)" Though the obvious answer is that "it depends on the application" what are the technical differences? (One such that I could spot of is working with http would be different) The second one I will post it as a separate question, though linking this with it!

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It really depends on what you are planning to do...

If you want to create a software that anybody can access fast, a web-application is what you need. Easy access from everywhere.

If you want to create a powerful software, which uses a lot of hardware features and ressources, a native application might be better.

However, in the future we will see a lot more web-applications, because the technologies are closing the gap to native applications. The performance and possibilities are getting better.

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Thanks! But i also wanted to know, in general, the technical differences between a stand alone and a web app. – Purushottam Oct 18 '11 at 17:17

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