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I'm a new user of dynatree plugin. When I read the documentation, I found the list of tree and node class member functions, such as tree.getRoot(), node.countChildren(). However, when I tried to use them, it complained that no such methods were found. Here is a sample code I am testing with:

var tree = ("#test").dynatree(treeData);
var rootNode = tree.getRoot(); //not working
var rootNode2 = ("#test").dynatree("getRoot"); //this works
var numChildren = rootNode2.countChildren(); //not working

Help please. Thanks. -JJ

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Are you missing the leading $?

Valid samples are:

var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");
var tree = $("#tree").dynatree("getTree");
var node = $("#tree").dynatree("getActiveNode");
node.setTitle( + ", " + new Date());

See here for samples (click View source code):

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var tree = $("#test").dynatree(treeData);

Your first line gives you the #test html element.

In order to obtain the tree object try:

var tree = $("#test").dynatree(treeData).dynatree("getTree");

Now these lines will work:

var rootNode = tree.getRoot();
var numChildren = rootNode.countChildren();
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