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I'm having trouble aggregating multiple arrays into one "big array", I think this should be possible in Linq but I can't get my head around it :(

consider some method which returns an array of some dummyObjects

public class DummyObjectReceiver 
  public DummyObject[] GetDummyObjects  { -snip- }

now somewhere I have this:

public class Temp
  public List<DummyObjectReceiver> { get; set; }

  public DummyObject[] GetAllDummyObjects ()
    //here's where I'm struggling (in linq) - no problem doing it using foreach'es... ;)

hope it's somewhat clear what I'm trying to achieve (as extra I want to order this array by an int value the DummyObject has... - but the orderby should be no problem,... I hope ;)

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I think I just answered this very question: stackoverflow.com/questions/780867 –  Matt Hamilton Apr 23 '09 at 10:23
Yes, it's the same principle, but this one has the added twist of having a list of objects with a method that returns the arrays. –  Guffa Apr 23 '09 at 11:18

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You use the SelectMany method to flatten the list of array returning objects into an array.

public class DummyObject {
	public string Name;
	public int Value;

public class DummyObjectReceiver  {

	public DummyObject[] GetDummyObjects()  {
		return new DummyObject[] {
			new DummyObject() { Name = "a", Value = 1 },
			new DummyObject() { Name = "b", Value = 2 }


public class Temp {

	public List<DummyObjectReceiver> Receivers { get; set; }

	public DummyObject[] GetAllDummyObjects() {
		return Receivers.SelectMany(r => r.GetDummyObjects()).OrderBy(d => d.Value).ToArray();



Temp temp = new Temp();
temp.Receivers = new List<DummyObjectReceiver>();
temp.Receivers.Add(new DummyObjectReceiver());
temp.Receivers.Add(new DummyObjectReceiver());
temp.Receivers.Add(new DummyObjectReceiver());

DummyObject[] result = temp.GetAllDummyObjects();
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+1. I missed the "multiple" aspect in my now deleted answer. –  AnthonyWJones Apr 23 '09 at 11:35
exactly what I was looking for :) extra thanks for including orderby! (still can only +1) –  Bluenuance Apr 23 '09 at 11:49

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