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I want to make several objects, all with the same parameters, so I tried to store them in a proc that returns them. But the interpreter evaluates the returning result as one parameter, instead of several. my proc is:

proc element_param {} {
    return "-filled 1\
        -visible 1\
        -linewidth 1\
        -linecolor yellow\
        -fillcolor yellow\
        -relief roundraised\
        -linewidth 2"

and I use it with:

$this/zinc add rectangle 1 [list "100" "100" "200" "200"] [element_param]

How do I turn them into several different parameters?

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With tcl 8.5 and above use the {*} operator to expand the list of parameters:

$this/zinc add rectangle 1 $coords {*}[element_param]

with previous versions you can expand lists using eval:

eval [linsert [element_param] 0 $this/zinc add rectangle 1 $coords]

which is equivalent.

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Or: eval [list $this/zinc add rectangle 1 $coords] [element_param] since it is a list being returned, even if it is built in a horrible way. –  Donal Fellows Oct 19 '11 at 6:16
@Donal Fellows, why is it built in a horrible way, and what is a better way to build it? –  Ilya Melamed Oct 21 '11 at 6:39
@Ilya: It's better to use the list command, since that does the right thing with quoting if you decide you need options with a space in (for example). While it is possible to quote those things by hand, this is strongly discouraged because it's easy to get wrong; use list (or one of the other commands that makes a list) and have it done correctly for you, automatically. –  Donal Fellows Oct 21 '11 at 8:10

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