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I have a multithreaded program and in the code below, when the value of y becomes less than 0, I need all the threads to stop running.

Here's the source code -

     else if(y<0)
             printf("Exit the program\n");
             pthread_exit((void *)55);

            // return NULL;

What is happening is that the program is printing the line - Exit the program, but gets stuck over there. It does not go to the line printf("sdjfajdflsdj"); and neither does it exit the code.

Can someone please help ?


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pthread_exit exits the current thread, not others. I believe exit should exit all threads.

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One problem is the way that you're exiting the thread.

pthread_exit((void *)55);

doesn't pass a pointer to the value 55, it passes a pointer referencing 55 in memory, which isn't likely to be a readable address. Try:

int val = 55;
pthread_exit((void *)&val);
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