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It seems that there is a implementation of rope in my /usr/include/c++/4.5.1/ext/rope (and ropeimpl.h). I compared it with SGI STL and the code seems to be pretty much the same codebase.

I'm not aware of its status or if its functional or not. Nor i am aware if this is super old stale code, or code in progress

in any case, i haven't found any references about how to use it (if functional). Do you know something i'm missing? are there usage examples i can use?

EDIT if you see the cvs history here, you'll see last activity was 4 months ago, which doesn't look like pretty active, but doesn't look abandoned either.

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It's taken straight from the SGI code, and is still maintained (I changed it just the other day to fix a longstanding bug) but is only documented briefly with the deprecated extensions.

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I haven't looked at ropes since the nineties, but the SGI STL documentation for rope<T, Alloc> is still on-line. Also The Rope Implementation Overview.

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yeah i know about that, this is what i compared it against. – lurscher Oct 18 '11 at 18:32

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