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Can I use the RETURNING clause PDO_OCI? I've been advised to use this to get the last id of a field which is being updated with a trigger.

I found a tutorial which gets the ID with oci_bind_by_name, but that appears to be a function of the oci8 driver. Is there something similar to oci_bind_by_name in PDO_OCI?

$query = "INSERT INTO employees (name) VALUES ('Jones') RETURNING employee_no INTO     :employee_no";
stmt = oci_parse($dbh, $query);
oci_bind_by_name($stmt, ":employee_no", $employee_no, 8);


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You know PDO_OCI is still marked experimental, right? –  Phil Oct 18 '11 at 21:27

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For OUT parameters, you should specify the type if the data is not a string (CHAR, VARCHAR2, etc), ie

// assuming employee_no is an integer
oci_bind_by_name($stmt, 'employee_no', $employee_no, 8, SQLT_INT);

For PDO, use PDOStatement::bindParam()

$stmt = $pdo->prepare($query);
$stmt->bindParam('employee_no', $employee_no, PDO::PARAM_INT, 8);
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This works perfectly, thank you. –  axiomx11 Oct 19 '11 at 19:12

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