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I've created a report and exported it to PDF using TCPDF. I want to send different parts of the report to different mail adresses, therefor I have to create multiple PDFS in one proccess. Is it possible doing it using TCPDF? If it is , how can I practically do it?

Thanks in advance

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TCPDF is designed for creating single PDFs.

A possible way to do it practically would be to create multiple TCPDF objects, and methods for adding a report piece to a PDF, and using code to add the report to the pdf.

$requested = array('marketing', 'sales', 'customer service');
$pdfs = array();
foreach ($requested as $type) {
    $pdfs[$type] = createPdfObject();

$reportPiece = createGraphForSalesAndMarketing();
addReportPiece($pdfs['marketing'], $reportPiece);
addReportPiece($pdfs['sales'], $reportPiece);

Emailing each pdf to a different email address as an attachment would be better answered by just searching for existing answers to the many ways of doing it.

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i am getting this issue...Catchable fatal error: Object of class TCPDF could not be converted to string –  user2244804 Jun 3 '13 at 13:35
There are a number of reasons you could be getting an error about converting an object to a string. It may be better to open that issue as a new question. Quickest answer, based on vague information would be 'have you tried using the output function of TCPDF?' tcpdf.org/doc/code/… –  rrehbein Jun 3 '13 at 19:18

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