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I want the name of the file where the code is written

for example if the script is written in a file called ""

then i want to have a variable for example

where var will hold the file's name

but suppose that i don't know the name of the file, how can I do it?

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You can use basename.

basename - strip directory and suffix from filenames

var=$(basename $0)

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You can just use the bash builtin variable $0 for this.


echo This script file is named `basename $0`

If you want to store it in another variable, you can do:



echo This script file is named $THESCRIPT
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Looks like you want either $0 or $_, which contain the name of the current script. See here:

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You can use $0 which is equivalent argv[0] in some other programming languages.

echo $0
echo $1

If you run the bash script above with $ sh one two you would get the following output.
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