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How do i get content of child DIV elements when the parent element is also a DIV. I want new line per child content. Here is the HTML i have.

<div id="Messages">
   <div class="MessageNew">This is test message </div><br>
   <div class="Message">Thank you ... </div><br>
   <div class="Message">Third test message. </div><br>

This is what i have tried

   var msgs = $("#Messages").text();

I am getting this output

This is test message Thank you ... Third test message. 

This is what i want

This is test message 
Thank you ... 
Third test message. 
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Try this:

$('#Messages div').each(function(index) {
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can also use -

   $("#Messages div").each(function(){
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Without taking into account your <br> elements, you could do this:

var msgs = "";
$("#Messages div").each(function() {
    msgs += $(this).text() + "\n";

This just goes through all the div elements within #Messages and adds them to a string with the new line delimiter.

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You need to put a line break between each of them.

You could do something like

var msg = "";
$("Messages div").each(function(d) {
    msg += "\r\n" + $(this).text();
msg = msg.substring(2); //to remove the first "\r\n"

Alternately, you could check the length before adding a newline, and only do it if there is already text.

Of course, if you want to display this text elsewhere (like within another html element), you should replace the \r\n with <br />

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