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i have problems with ajax requests and simple <input type="submit"/>.

i use to load views inside other views, modular i mean, with jquery using .load(url) from one view to another. so the problem is that if i load view_2 inside view_1 and the js script for view_2 is inside view_1 i need to use live('click') for example to launch an xhr request from view_2, so when i try it launches 3 (multiple) xhr at same time, instead of only 1 at time, don't know why.

the only thing i know is:

  1. using live('click') in view_1 it launches 3 multiple XHR.
  2. using click() in view_1 it doesn't work(obviously i think).
  3. using click() directly inside view_2 it works (but i can't use js in loaded views, i can use js only in "parents" views)

the functions are really simple, really don't know why i have this problem (i also disabled submit in ajax beforeSend) check this is a view_1 code which runs on loaded view_2 and launches 3 XHR for click :|

    var _title = $('#doc-title').val();
    var _doc = $('#doc-doc').val();
function update_doc(_url,_data,_starter){
                   title:'Document Saved',
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Any chance you have more than one element with ID save-doc? –  Shadow Wizard Oct 18 '11 at 19:45
Have you tried adding "return false;" to the end of the "click" handler? –  Pointy Oct 18 '11 at 19:45
@Shadow Wizard nope id are id :) .. –  sbaaaang Oct 18 '11 at 19:51
@Pointy not tryed will try ;) –  sbaaaang Oct 18 '11 at 19:52

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If that's a submit button inside the form then unless you prevent the default action, the form will be submitted. (That'd account for 2 POSTs, but not three.)

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Remember that .live() is binding the event handler to the document itself. With that in mind, it is searching for #save-doc throughout the document on every click.

If there are multiple elements in the document with the 'save-doc' ID then they'll all be triggered.

However, what I bet is happening to you is you may have multiple forms layered which are all being executed by this one input.

Edit: Third possibility, is what Pointy mentions. Executing a submit via your event handler and another submit occurring because of browser behavior.

Please provide the HTML and what is being loaded into them.

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