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I'm fairly new to htaccess, so if this is a noob question I apologize.

Recent I launched a newly designed website, and created 301 redirects for all of the old pages.

An example of one of the redirects is:

  redirect 301 /about-busch-systems.html

The url:

"redirect 301 /about-busch-systems.html"

is in actuality:


The redirect is sending me to the right page, with the proper URL, except the old page is being strung on the end as a variable.


redirect 301 /about-busch-systems.html

Sends me to "

Any ideas of why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Because that is what Redirect is supposed to do:

Then any request beginning with URL-Path will return a redirect request to the client at the location of the target URL. Additional path information beyond the matched URL-Path will be appended to the target URL.

Use RedirectMatch if you want more control.

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