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I read some posts about what to choose Oracle vs SQL Server. but I want opinion of real dba.

My situation

Technically, I'm in a big company

I work on a little office (max 100 user). They want a new database on local server for intern apps.

They ask me to look for oracle or SQL Server. They will have max 5 user who can admin database (but like I said before, maybe 100 user could connect at the same time for getting data)

I know that the main/central office, they have SAP, so Oracle db. (I don't know if that can change something?)

My office doesn't have a dba (only intern for developing, its the central office who send somebody for the most of computer things)

For the moment, they use MS Access database but their new/future programs needs more.

What are your suggestion (Oracle vs SQL Server, Enterprise vs Standard vs Standard one ) and why (like speed, pricing, friendly user, easy to change actual apps., etc.)

thank you

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I would go with Oracle. If your db is less than 4G, you can use Oracle XE for free. Since you're coming from MS Access you might look at using APEX for rapid application development. oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/overview/index.html –  RichardJQ Oct 18 '11 at 22:49
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You should probably go with SQL Server for this (although you'd be pretty much fine with Oracle, too). Either one can handle 100 concurrent users with no problem at all. SQL Server is easier to set up than is Oracle (although the difference here is less substantial than it used to be). I'm not sure about pricing, but they're at least roughly comparable.

I wouldn't rule out something like MySQL, which is free and could easily handle your 100 users also. Navicat Lite is a good, free DB interface that you could use with your MySQL DB.

Note: I am not a real DBA, but I have frequently played one at work.

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