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I am getting an UIImage from UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext, but they are very heavyweight memory wise.

    UIGraphicsBeginImageContext([self bounds].size);
// CGContext procedures
    _cacheImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

the size of the image is almost as the size of the iPad screen, (a little smaller), and when I do something like this:

NSData *data = UIImagePNGRepresentation(_cacheImage)
NSLog(@"%i", data.lenght); 

It gives me like 700,000 in lenght. I'm guessing its a .7MB file?

Anyway if there is some way to reduce the image size, please let me know.

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If you wish to reduce quality, try using

NSData * UIImageJPEGRepresentation (
   UIImage *image,
   CGFloat compressionQuality

Pass compressionQuality == 0.0 for maximum quality or compressionQuality == 1.0 for maximum compression.

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