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i've seen a lot of examples of using HttpWebRequest to post form data, but unfortunately, i'm having a hard time finding a specific article dealing with this class in WP7. does anyone have a good reference on how to do this?

note, i don't want to upload a file, i just need to issue a "POST" command sending some key/value pairs (e.g. ) . i can't use "GET" to send the data.

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WebClient client = new WebClient();
client.UploadStringAsync(HostUrl, "POST", "DataYouWantToPost");
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NB : its worth setting up fiddler on your dev machine to see what is going on and if the data is being posted correctly –  JonAlb Oct 18 '11 at 21:11

After settings HttpWebRequest.Method to POST, call BeginGetRequestStream. When it completes, EndGetRequestStream will return the Stream that you can write to.

If you're using Mango, WebClient is probably going to be easier. (WebClient existed pre-Mango, but was recommended against as it always returned on the UI thread)

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