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  • I have a properly generated cache.manifest file.
  • I have ensured that it is being served with the correct mimetype.
  • I have an index.jsp file which correctly references the cache.manifest file.
  • I have set up Tomcat so that if I hit http://example.org/ it will load index.jsp

  • When I hit http://example.org/index.jsp

    • The cache.manifest is read, processed and works! Chrome shows all of the caching events.
    • Repeated visits show the Application Cache Checking event, Application Cache NoUpdate events in Chrome
  • When I hit http://example.org/
    • The browser acts as if there is no cache.manifest at all!
    • There are not cache events sent to the Chrome console

Is there a trick to get an index.jsp file auto redirected to by Tomcat, to use the html cache manifest?

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