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I have a bit of code I want to use to return a user's favorite music as pic squares using the php sdk. I found this code (used to display a user's friends):

    $musics = $facebook->api('/me/music?fields=id,name&limit=5');
      foreach ($musics[data] as $music) {
    echo "<fb:profile-pic uid=\"$music[id]\" width=\"50\" height=\"50\" /><fb:name uid=\"$music[id]\" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;";

I replaced /me/friends with /me/music and it seems to be somewhat working... It spit's out the first band the user has listed as a picture square like I want, however, it only returns one instead of 5. How can I make it so it returns all 5?

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Are you sure this url is returning 5 results: developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/… –  bkaid Oct 18 '11 at 22:08
Yes. testing it in the graph api explorer, it returns my first 5 bands that I like. It only returns one though with the code above. –  Michael Oct 18 '11 at 22:35

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Change $music[data] to $music['data'].

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I think you are accessing the indexes of array without single quote '. Change $musics[data] to $musics['data']. Your code should look like

   $musics = $facebook->api('/me/music?fields=id,name&limit=5');
   foreach ($musics['data'] as $music) {
    echo "<fb:profile-pic uid=\"$music['id']\" width=\"50\" height=\"50\" /><fb:name uid=\"$music['id']\" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;";
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The problem was my FBML tags weren't formatted properly. They should be like:

    <fb:profile-pic uid=\"$music[id]\" width=\"50\" height=\"50\" ></fb:profile-pic/>

However, I didn't even realize that FBML is going to be depreciated soon by Facebook so I went complete php.

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