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Here is the scenario: I have a SQL select statement that returns a binary data object as a string. This cannot be changed it is outside the area of what I can modify. So for example it would return '1628258DB0DD2F4D9D6BC0BF91D78652'.

If I manually add a 0x in front of this string in a query I will retrieve the results I'm looking for so for example: SELECT a, b FROM mytable WHERE uuid = 0x1628258DB0DD2F4D9D6BC0BF91D78652 My result set is correct.

However I need to find a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 compatible means to do this programatically. Simply concatenating 0x to the string variable does not work. Obvious, but I did try it.

Help please :) Thank you Mark

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My understanding of your question is that you have a column uuid, which is binary.

You are trying to select rows with a particular value in uuid, but you are trying to use a string like so:

SELECT a, b FROM mytable WHERE uuid = '0x1628258DB0DD2F4D9D6BC0BF91D78652'

which does not work. If this is correct, you can use the CONVERT function with a style of 2 to have SQL Server treat the string as hex and not require a '0x' as the first characters:

SELECT a, b 
FROM mytable 
WHERE uuid = CONVERT(binary(16), '1628258DB0DD2F4D9D6BC0BF91D78652', 2)
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