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I have an org chart using slickmap.css which I modified with toggle show/hide. It's all working fine but now I need to add a modal dialog window on click and display info form the a tag.

I managed to do this but had to add a return false to prevent the toggle close action from happening. Now when I display the info it completely removes the a tag from the page. I think when I add html(this), it ignores the return false at the end.

Please can anyone help me make these two functions work together.

Here is the code I am using to call the modal-dialog, sorry I havent posted a fiddle but I think this is where the problem lies

  return false;
}); //end click handler
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What do you want to achieve with .html(this)? Are you looking for .html($(this).html())? – Frédéric Hamidi Oct 18 '11 at 22:31
Thanks yes, that worked. Please can you tell me why that worked. Also post it as an answer and I'll accept, cheers – Clinton Green Oct 18 '11 at 22:34
Actually I can see why that worked and mine only half worked, thanks :) – Clinton Green Oct 18 '11 at 22:35
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You cannot pass this to the html() method.

Since that code lies inside an event handler, this will be the DOM element handling the event (click in our case). html() can only take a string or a function argument.

If your goal is to fill the dialog with the contents of #samplelink, you should call html() on the current element without arguments, then call html() on the dialog with the resulting string:

$("#samplelink").click(function() {
    return false;
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Thanks for explaining that, I had no idea that the assigned value of "this" could change if it is inside an event handler. Cheers – Clinton Green Oct 18 '11 at 22:56

Try :

  return false;
}); //end click handler

Where $(this).html() contains valid HTML code.

You could try rapidly

  $('#modal_window').dialog('open').html('<h1>Hello World</h1>');
  return false;
}); //end click handler
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Thanks David that was the correct answer, Frederic had answered it before in the comments, that's why I chose his, thanks – Clinton Green Oct 18 '11 at 22:52

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