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In my web application in Tomcat 7, I get a resource in the app using servletContext.getResource("file.xml"). This returns an URL in the form jndi:/localhost/app/file.xml.

However, because I need to pass this file to a library which can only accept real file paths (it has an embedded Ruby script, I think) that URL won't do.

Is there a way to get the real file path? I know that will make the application unable to ne run from a WAR, but that's ok.

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I have a very dirty workaround:

        // get resource
        URL resU = servletContext.getResource("style.less");

        // get scratch dir
        File workDir = (File) servletContext.getAttribute("javax.servlet.context.tempdir");

        // copy resource to scratch file
        File newFile = new File(workDir, "style.less");
        Files.write(Resources.toByteArray(resU), newFile); // Google Guava

I should be able to speed this up with some caching/checksumming, but it's not pretty.

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I'd use File#createTempFile().

File file = File.createTempFile("style", ".less");
// ...
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