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I'd like to replicate (and modify for my own use) the popup shown on the Apple Store US website, when visited by an iOS device. Iphone or iPod.

The Javascript is here: and the following is contained on the homepage of apple to trigger it:

    Event.onLoad (function() {
        var iOSDevice = !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Apple.*Mobile.*Safari/) &&   (navigator.platform.indexOf('iPhone') === 0 || navigator.platform.indexOf('iPod') === 0);
        if (iOSDevice) {
            var mobileScriptEl = document.createElement("script");
            mobileScriptEl.setAttribute('src', '');
            window.appleStoreAppBannerNode = '/us/browse/campaigns/mobile_overlay';
            window.appleStoreAppUrl = '';

But I can't figure out how to extract the important parts of the code and execute it on my own page.. Anyone able to to figure it out? When copying this data/script/js file, it looks like it reads alright, but there's something else on apple's page that triggers it all, that I just can't get!

Thanks in advance, all!

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Look for <script> tags in the document's <head> for some library that would provide the Event.onLoad() function? – millimoose Oct 18 '11 at 22:58

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