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var ageRanges;
ageRanges = {
  '18.20': 0,
  '21.24': 0,
  '25.34': 0,
  '35.44': 0,
  '45.54': 0,
  '55.64': 0,
  '65+': 0

I want to access ageRanges.'18.20', but that gives me an error: TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null - so what's the proper way to access it?

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you have to use it this way:

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Use ageRanges['18.20'] to access the property. This is one of two ways to access JavaScript object properties. The alternative and recommended way is dot-notation, which fails in this instance due to the period character in your property names.

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use ageRanges["18.20"]; to access

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