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Jasmine Test:

describe 'Toolbar', ->
  beforeEach ->
    jasmine.getFixtures().fixturesPath = "../spec/javascript/fixtures"

  describe 'Rectangle Button Click', ->
    it 'adds the selected class to rectangle button', ->
      toolbar = new Toolbar()
      console.log $('#rectangle')
      console.log $('#rectangle')


class window.Toolbar
  jQuery ->
    rectangle: $('#rectangle').click ->
      $('#toolbar button').removeClass("selected")

This test is failing for me as the selected class is not being added to the fixture, and I think I'm not calling the function correctly. How do I call the


function in my test? Thanks.

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Start by looking at the generated JavaScript. –  Matt Ball Oct 18 '11 at 23:52

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I don't know the whole context, but some things I see:

  • toolbar.rectangle in your test is not calling a function, you need to say toolbar.rectangle() to actually call it
  • Your class as written is not defining a method on the Toolbar class, you should write something like this:

    class Toolbar
      rectangle: ->
        $('#rectangle').click ->
          $('#toolbar button').removeClass("selected")
  • When you write this $('#rectangle').click -> ..., you are defining an event handler that will get called when you click in #rectangle. If you want to have it have action immediately (i.e. when you call toolbar.rectangle(), you need something like this:

    class Toolbar
      rectangle: ->
        $('#toolbar button').removeClass("selected")

Of course, you need to make sure all this happens after the page loads correctly, not familiar with Jasmine to say whether that will happen.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. I'm hoping someone who has used jasmine before can also add some information because I still can't call the rectangle method in the test even if I use toolbar.rectangle() –  John Oct 19 '11 at 0:31
Just downloaded Jasmine, made a spec as per the above, please go here for the complete test that works for me (in a browser, not from a local file system): github.com/icyrockcom/so7815109-jasmine-coffeescript –  icyrock.com Oct 21 '11 at 0:37

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