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I understand how to use Dynamic Proxies in Java but what I don't understand is how the VM actually creates a dynamic proxy. Does it generate bytecode and load it? Or something else? Thanks.

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James, you're like a Java guru. Were you just testing us with this question? – erickson Apr 23 '09 at 16:09
Haha. I know the Java language but I'm not a real VM expert. :) – James Ward Jan 1 '10 at 18:22
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At least for Sun's implementation, if you look at the source code of java.lang.reflect.Proxy you'll see that yes, it generates the byte code on-the-fly (using the class sun.misc.ProxyGenerator).

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I suggest that you read Dynamic Proxy Classes:

The Proxy.getProxyClass method returns the java.lang.Class object for a proxy class given a class loader and an array of interfaces. The proxy class will be defined in the specified class loader and will implement all of the supplied interfaces. If a proxy class for the same permutation of interfaces has already been defined in the class loader, then the existing proxy class will be returned; otherwise, a proxy class for those interfaces will be generated dynamically and defined in the class loader. [emphasis mine]

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