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I am new to jQuery and I am building a custom plugin, it looks something like this (pseudo-code):

jQuery.fn.myPlugin = function( options )

    var defaults = {
        interval : 5 * 1000

    var interval_handler = setInterval( function( ) { update( ); }, interval );

    var opts = $.extend( defaults, options );

    return this.each( function( ){
        $( this ).bind( event, stuff );

    function update( )
        if ( condition == true )
            clearInterval( interval );

            // unbind() foreach element the plugin has used

My question is:

How can access all the elements the plugin has used on return this.each(...) from the update( ) function?

Also, is the way im using functions inside the plugin correct? I didn't know how to do it so I just tried that and it worked.

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You need to put it in a variable:

var elements = this;
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