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I'm trying to build the following query in ClojureQL:

SELECT ixIso, MIN(IF(dtDespatched, fQuantity, 0)) AS quantity
  FROM IsoItem WHERE fQuantity > 0
  GROUP BY ixIso
  HAVING quantity < 1

I've been trying variations of the following code, basing it off this IRC log I found.

(-> (cql/table DB :IsoItem)
    (cql/select (cql/where (> :fQuantity 0)))
    (cql/aggregate [[ "MIN(IF(IsoItem.dtDespatched, IsoItem.fQuantity, 0))" :as :quantity]]
                   [:ixIso] )
    (cql/select (cql/where (< :quantity 1))))

However, the query it keeps giving me is:

SELECT IsoItem.ixIso,MIN(IF(IsoItem.dtDespatched, IsoItem.fQuantity, 0)) AS quantity FROM IsoItem WHERE (fQuantity > 0) AND (quantity < 1) GROUP BY IsoItem.ixIso

I feel like I must be missing something so basic.

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It seems like it may have been a bug in ClojureQL itself, I've updated my project.clj to include ClojureQL 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT rather than 1.0.0 and it's corrected the issue.

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