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I have a Windows developer workstation with Emacs installed and Linux server with source files and SSH server. How can I open source files on Emacs?

I have tryied:

C-x C-f /ssh:user@host#22:/home/user/file.rb

but got unreadable error message.

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I think you need TRAMP for Emacs:

After the installation of tramp into your Emacs, you will be able to access files on remote machines as though they were local. Access to the remote file system for editing files, version control, and dired are transparently enabled.

The package provides support for ssh connections out of the box, one of the more common uses of the package. This allows relatively secure access to machines, especially if ftp access is disabled.

Under Windows, tramp is integrated with the PuTTY package, using the plink program.

For more info:


PS: Copying and pasting the "unreadable error message" would certainly be useful.

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Tramp has been a standard component of Emacs for a long time, and the original question already utilised Tramp's syntax. The problem was really a matter of which Tramp method to use in conjunction with which ssh client (and associated configuration). See these Q&As for some info on other approaches: stackoverflow.com/questions/6954479/emacs-tramp-doesnt-work and stackoverflow.com/questions/2690050/… –  phils Oct 19 '11 at 21:59

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