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For instance if I had a folder in plone which a set of PDFs and this is synced with a folder somewhere on the filesystem. If a PDF is deleted in Plone the PDF should be removed from the disk folder. If a PDF is added in the disk folder then it appears in the Plone Folder.

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There are 2 addons for this (Reflecto and PloneLocalFolderNG) but unfortunately they both are not yet plone4 compatible. I think that by now the only option still open is the webdav.

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Worth noting that as of this writing Reflecto is compatible with Plone 4 –  cewing Dec 3 '12 at 19:33

Is there any need for the PDF to live in the filesystem? I mean, if you allow users to upload them on Plone, if later the file is removed is really removed, no need to sync anything.

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