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I need to check if files are accessed through the network. I'm checking the value of GetFileAttributes("\\\\Foo\\Bar\\foobar.txt") & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE but it's never set. What is the more robust way to achieve this ?

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The offline flag is used to indicate that the file has been relocated to offline storage, e.g., a tape library. It has nothing to do with networking. –  Harry Johnston Oct 20 '11 at 1:13

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Offline is a special file status that you can also set to on network files but you have to set it yourself. Not every offline file is automatically marked for offline use. I think there even is a special overlay icon on explorer for offline files (a black clock?).

I think that with PathIsNetworkPath() you can check that the file is on the network.

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call GetVolumePathName and then GetDriveType.

If a network share is specified, GetVolumePathName returns the shortest path for which GetDriveType returns DRIVE_REMOTE.

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