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I write a piece of code to try to figure out how SetBigStringTryClob works. I did not set the SetBigStringTryClob property and try to insert a String which's length is 68717 to a Clob using PreparedStatement.setString(), but to my surprise, it works without any exception or warning.

I decompile the Oracle JDBC Driver and try to find if there are any SetBigStringTryClob in the source code, but I find nothing.

I check the OraclePreparedStatement's setString() method and find that if the String is big enough, setString() will use Clob automatically.

So, does the Oracle JDBC Driver's SetBigStringTryClob property still works or it has been disabled after a release?My Oracle JDBC Driver's version is

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According to the latest documentation, that property is not available in your 11g R1 driver:

"The SetBigStringTryClob connection property of Oracle Database 10g Release 1 (10.1) is no longer used or needed."

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