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In Delphi 2009 I install Fast Report 4.8, and create some reports. In my application I use these reports like this:


Now some users want to edit the report page, so I use frxDesigner. But my problem is: "How can I save users changes ?"

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u can this code :

    if not FrxReport.LoadFromFile(AFileName) then
    else if TAppUtils.Confirm('You Have Authority To Design Report. Do You Want To Design Report ?') then

TAppUtils.Confirm : It is method to confirm user to do something or not

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Use the report as file, then the user can override that report file in the designer. Next time the report is loaded, the user loads the modified report.

frxReport.LoadFromFile(aFileName); //The report filename with the user changes

Check also the frxDesigner.Restrictions options!

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