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I'm learning something about Django.In some tutorials that i've read is used for execute commands like " syncdb, startapp and startproject", in the others tutorials is used, So exist any important diference between use or ?

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up vote 1 down vote accepted is a file that excists in a project environment and is created after starting a project. It's purpose is to control project commands. is a script to start a project ( you can put it anyhwhere, or shortcut it via .bash or .profile )

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See: and in Django documentation is a wrapper around automatically created in each Django project which puts your project's package on sys.path and sets the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable so that it points to your project's file.

So, I think is more comfortable to use when you're working on a Django project.

share|improve this answer is django-admin fitted in your project: it uses in your project dir

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