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In Trac 0.12, one has the ability to change the contents of email notifications and I am trying to simplify the template to only include the changes, like

{% choose %}\
{%   when True %}\
{%   end %}\
{%   otherwise %}\
{%     if changes_body %}\
${_('Changes (by %(author)s):',}

{%     end %}\
{%     if changes_descr %}\
{%       if not changes_body and not change.comment and %}\
${_('Description changed by %(author)s:',}
{%       end %}\
{%     end %}\
{%     if change.comment %}\

${changes_body and _('Comment:') or _('Comment (by %(author)s):',}

{%     end %}\
{%   end %}\
{% end %}\
${_('Ticket URL: <%(link)s>',}

But where do I find a reference for the language that the template written in? And how to I put in a comment that can hold a revision-control expansion like $Id$?

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I'd like to answer your second question too, but what exactly do you expect to see by $Id$? Could you be more detailed, i.e. with an example content, please? – hasienda Oct 21 '11 at 19:04
Thanks for your answer, it led to the solution. I have edited your answer a week ago, but it awaits approval -- I do not know from whom. The condensed answer is to use comments like this: {# $Id$ #} – J P Oct 28 '11 at 11:22
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Trac uses Genshi for templates in two different forms: XML and text.

I've never used TracNotification, but what you post is a text template. Documentation for it can be found at the Genshi wiki.

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