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I am using Linkedin api along with python, django and linux. The problem I face is when I apply filters to the request uri.

Supposingly /v1/posts/{post_id}:(id,type,category,creator,title,summary,creation-timestamp,likes,comments,attachment,site-group-post-url) returns a xml for the data of the following post. But if I apply some filter to it i.e

/v1/posts/{post_id}:(id,type,category,creator,title,summary,creation-timestamp,likes,comments,attachment,site-group-post-url)?count=5&start=5 this would return a HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED

What am I doing wrong? Please help asap


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Could your OAuth library be incorrectly calculating the request signature?

Confirm that it matches the one generated by this page:


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Hey Adam, I am using httplib in python. Below is the piece of code which I use. It works perfectly, meaning that oauth is alright as well as the headers and signature's. I don't understand how can I request with certain filters e.g count=5&start=5 ....................................................CODE STARTS-> # make the HTTP request connection = httplib.HTTPSConnection(API_ENDPOINT) connection.request("GET", "/v1/groups/xyz/posts", body = None, headers = {'Authorization': header}) response = connection.getresponse() response = response.read() connection.close() –  mangobug Oct 21 '11 at 8:03

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