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I'm trying to pass story_id into the innermost inline function, but its always 0 even though its not 0 in the outer function. How do I pass this value in?

function activateSearch(){
  if($('story_filter')) Event.observe('story_filter', 'keyup',
    function(event) {
        function(story) {
          story_id ='_')[1];
'.tableCell', '.indexCardContent').each(
            function(task, story_id) {
              task_filter = new RegExp($F('story_filter'), "i");
              if (task.innerHTML.match( task_filter ))
                  throw $break;
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All you have to do to make this work is change this line:

    function(task, story_id) {

to this:

    function(task) {

You don't have to pass story_id anywhere -- it's already in scope in the inner function!

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you've got a scoping issue.

quick fix: define story_id as a global.

var story_id;

function activateSearch() { ....
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Variable story_id is already global, as it was introduced here without the var statement. –  Török Gábor Apr 23 '09 at 15:35
Would have been a better question if you had show that in your example code or explained that. –  Chad Grant Apr 24 '09 at 1:27

You don't. The each method takes the function definition and then calls that function for each element in the Array. You'd need to write your own custom each method if you wanted to use the inline function definition.

For both readability and functionality, I would break out the inner most inline function and then for each element in the list, call out to your function.

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