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When you click a circle it should double in size. However I get the error:

ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable TCMText is not defined.

I think it's because I selected both the text and circle and made the selection a single symbol. Does anyone know how to combine a shape and symbol together without getting this error message?

enter image description here

import flash.events.MouseEvent;

circOne.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, doubleSize);
circTwo.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, doubleSize);
circThree.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, doubleSize);

function doubleSize(event:MouseEvent):void{
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Hi, just making sure this isn't it, in your example you wrote e instead of event. –  recursivity Oct 19 '11 at 8:44

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Besides that runtime error, you are getting Compiler errors, fix your code as @recursivity said:

function doubleSize(e:MouseEvent):void

Check the "Compiler Errors" tabs, and if you are getting any, you can pretty much ignore any further output and behavior you get from your Flash.

EDIT: There is absolutely nothing wrong on selecting many different elements together and then making them (or "combining") into a Symbol (MovieClip).

The reason you are getting a runtime ReferenceError AFTER a compiler error (which is a very weird behavior) is because you are using TLF textfields, check this thread on the adobe forums for more information. My advice, for the sake of simplicity, is to switch to Classic Text textfields (There is a dropdown selector in the TextField properties panel, TLF is by default on Flash CS5+).

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