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I'm using the following reg ex to strip numbers from a string however it also removes the (-) from negative numbers. Does anyone know of a reg ex thats leaves the numbers as well as (-). Thanks.

var string = "jdhjhjcdhj-200";
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That regex removes non-numbers from the string :-) – xanatos Oct 19 '11 at 8:36

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Simply add - in your regex:

var string = "jdhjhjcdhj-200";

It gives you -200

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That won't delete the - from abc-def – xanatos Oct 19 '11 at 8:37

Include the dash in the list of excluded symbols:

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The match method returns an array of matched patterns:

var string = "jdhj-hjc-dhj-200";
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The regex is (?!-?\d).

var string = "j-d-h-j-hjcdhj-200def-";

Note that this will strip abc-def-123 and make it -123

Test here:

It uses negative lookahead to "ignore" minus followed by a digit and digits.

If you want to strip multiline text, you should probably use [\s\S] instead of . (read here

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