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I have a very similar question to this question, but still 1 step behind. I have only one version of python 3 installed on my Windows 7(sorry) 64-bit system. I installed numpy following this link - as suggested in the question. The installation went fine but when I want to import

import numpy

Import error:No module named numpy

I know this is probably a super basic question, but I'm still learning... Thanks

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Check if there's a numpy directory under C:\Python3x\Libs\site-packages (I might remember the path name wrong). – codeape Oct 19 '11 at 9:00
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Support for Python 3 was added in NumPy version 1.5.0, so to begin with, you must download/install a newer version of NumPy.

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I think there are something wrong with the installation of numpy. Here are my steps to solve this problem.

  1. go to this website to download correct package:
  2. unzip the package
  3. go to the document
  4. use this command to install numpy: python install
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You installed the Numpy Version for Python 2.6 - so you can only use it with Python 2.6. You have to install Numpy for Python 3.x, e.g. that one:

For an overview of the different versions, see here:

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Thank you, I spent yesterday trying to find that version. Is there a scipy3 perchance? – Seb Oct 19 '11 at 9:28
yes, here: you just have to visit, click on download, go to the sourceforge site and click through the folders to get to that version. – naeg Oct 19 '11 at 10:46

I also had this problem (Import Error: No module named numpy) but in my case it was a problem with my PATH variables in Mac OS X. I had made an earlier edit to my .bash_profile file that caused the paths for my Anaconda installation (and others) to not be added properly.

Just adding this comment to the list here in case other people like me come to this page with the same error message and have the same problem as I had.

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I had this problem too after I installed Numpy. I solved it by just closing the Python interpreter and reopening. It may be something else to try if anyone else has this problem, perhaps it will save a few minutes!

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