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How can I get the list of logial drives (C#) on a system as well as their capacity and free space?

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Is this something new that was added in the latest version of .NET. I wrote a small app to display this years ago but had to go the WMI route at the time. Very handy to know anyway... cheers –  Eoin Campbell Apr 23 '09 at 14:18
Perfect ... thank you –  PaulB Apr 23 '09 at 14:20
Quick look on MSDN: was added in .NET 2.0. –  Richard Apr 23 '09 at 14:22


Their example has more robust, but here's the crux of it

            string[] drives = System.IO.Directory.GetLogicalDrives();

            foreach (string str in drives) 

You could also P/Invoke and call the win32 function (or use it if you're in unmanaged code).

That only gets a list of the drives however, for information about each one, you would want to use GetDrives as Chris Ballance demonstrates.

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DriveInfo[] drives = DriveInfo.GetDrives();

foreach (DriveInfo drive in drives)
double fspc = 0.0;
double tspc = 0.0;
double percent = 0.0;

fspc = drive.TotalFreeSpace;
tspc = drive.TotalSize;
percent = (fspc / tspc)*100;
float num = (float)percent;

Console.WriteLine("Drive:{0} With {1} % free", drive.Name,num);
Console.WriteLine("Space Reamining:{0}", drive.AvailableFreeSpace);
Console.WriteLine("Percent Free Space:{0}",percent);
Console.WriteLine("Space used:{0}", drive.TotalSize);
Console.WriteLine("Type: {0}", drive.DriveType);
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maybe this is what you want:


foreach (DriveInfo f in DriveInfo.GetDrives())    
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You can retrieve this information with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

 using System.Management;

    ManagementObjectSearcher mosDisks = new ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_DiskDrive");
    // Loop through each object (disk) retrieved by WMI
    foreach (ManagementObject moDisk in mosDisks.Get())
        // Add the HDD to the list (use the Model field as the item's caption)

Theres more info here about the attribute you can poll


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