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I am currently implementing a frontend based on the Dojo Toolkit (1.6.1) receiving a lot of data from RESTful services. This is represented in the GUI by the dojox.grid.DataGrid using a

There are however operations used on the grid I do not wish to send a JSON request for, such as sorting a column. Is is possible to allow the user to sort the data without such a request? Can I cache the store information locally (e.g. user browser or in a file) to avoid this?

Any feedback you might have is very appreciated!

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I facded the same issue and first tried, but this is not working. Hence I created my own cache usind a

startBuildingCache: function (url, idProperty) {
    try {
        var jsonStore = new{ target: url });
        var jsonObjectStore ={ objectStore: jsonStore });

        var gotItems = dojo.hitch(this, function (items, request) {

            var dataStore = new{
                data: items,
                idProperty: idProperty

            this.cache ={ objectStore: dataStore });
                src: this,
                cache: this.cache

        jsonObjectStore.fetch({ onComplete: gotItems });

    } catch (e) {
        console.log( + ": " + e.message);
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