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I'm having a slight issue with my jQuery code. I've basically got a timer that loops through a set of images, which is on a setInterval

When I click on the right or left controller, it stops the interval and fades images based on user clicks rather than automatically.

$('a.right').click(function () {

    setTimeout(function () { slideshow(); }, 9000);

    if (count < max - 1) {
        $('div.feature-image').eq(count).fadeOut('1000', function () {

            $('div.img-info').html(info + ' of ' + max + ' | ');



I've used a setTimeout to wait 4seconds then continue the loop cycle. Although I don't think it's the most elegant way to do it because the Jquery doesn't know to stop the if statement. Is there a way I can on the setTimeout stop the if statement from carrying on it's function?

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what does the setInterval code look like? and what do you mean by Jquery doesn't know to stop the if statement – mplungjan Oct 19 '11 at 9:44
Please read – linguini Oct 19 '11 at 9:47
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Not sure I completely understood the problem, but what about something like this

setTimeout(function () {
  setTimeoutTriggered = true;
}, 9000);

if ( (count < max - 1) && !setTimeoutTriggered ) {

Of course you can give setTimeoutTriggered a more semantic name. And would be better to avoid global variables :)

Anyway, I find this jQuery plugin really good to manage timeouts and intervals!

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