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i've set up a caldav server in particular http://radicale.org/ and now i would to integrate a jquery calendar like http://themouette.github.com/jquery-week-calendar/weekcalendar.html but the problem is the interface in php.

so the question is: there is a library written in php to interact with radicale server or just another caldav server? How is possible to create, modify and delete events?

I do not know how the protocol works, but I thought that you could use curl.

Best regards Claudio

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If you're looking for a decent SabreDAV Wrapper, you should try http://baikal.codr.fr It's lightweight, full PHP, and features a nice web admin for managing contacts and calendars.

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I use SabreDAV, a PHP framework for Web/Cal/CardDAV. It defines backends you have to implement in order to create your own server. It's full featured and probably the best lib In PHP.

It works fine and I also use the same calendar ;)

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